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Are you guys getting ready to experience volunteering in India? We’ve noted down what to do and what not to do in India as a volunteer so you can explore this incredible country without any hustle.


  1. Before coming to volunteer in India, do have your medical and travel insurance handy.
  2. Learn basic Hindi words to interact with locals. Some words you may learn are-
    Namaste– Hello
    Nahi– No
    Acha– Ok/Good
    Ha Ji– Yes
  3. Volunteer in India for free via a genuine non-profit organization. Research before joining any volunteer program as some of them might be scams.
  4. Know how to easily bond with children if you’re interested in teaching street children in India as a volunteer.
  5. Do consult your doctor in prior in case you’re going to take any kind of medication while volunteering in India.
  6. Do eat street food. This might be the biggest fear for some people because of the low hygiene but believe me, you won’t regret when you’ll try street momos, chai-pakoras, dosas, samosas, etc.
  7. Do get your hands decorated with henna wherever you find a henna artist in local markets. You’ll have a desi feel. 😉
  8. Do learn a new indigenous skill by attending workshops or by other fellow volunteers.
  9. While visiting a religious place, do follow the traditions and rules by just seeing what the locals are doing.
  10. Wear Indian traditional clothes like Kurtis, sarees, long skirts, etc. while working as a volunteer in India.

culture shock while volunteering


  1. Dress according to the rules otherwise you can be stared at by not only men but women also in rural areas.
  2. Don’t have biased behavior with children at NGO. Do respect both elders and youngers.
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  3. Don’t click anyone’s picture without permission. If you’re a male, it’s a big NO to take pictures of females without asking them.
  4. Do not overpack. Just pack practical things like medicines, important documents, sanitizer, etc. and other things as per the season you’re planning to visit in.
  5. Do not be over-friendly. Though 99% of people here are nice you must prevent yourself from that 1%.
  6. Don’t smoke and drink alcohol. Avoid it at least for the period when you’re serving as a volunteer.
  7. Never indulge in any fight or chaos.
  8. Don’t prefer a cab/taxi to sit in if it has anyone other than the driver.
  9. Don’t accept any eatable from strangers.
  10. Don’t step out in late nights alone. If it’s urgent then ask any other volunteer to come along you.

volunteering india tips

India is a nation with an amazing history and a rich culture. Following up to the above tips will help you to have the best and safe volunteer traveling experience in India. Always remember, the thing that matters is your experiences so we wish you to have the good ones only. 🙂